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Updated bio: Ebony Adedayo, in 2017, founded the Kinky Curly Theological Collective (KCTC) for African American and African Immigrant women, which is focused on writing, education and training, and spiritual practice. Since its inception, KCTC has curated more than a dozen writing workshops for Black women to produce knowledge that is grounded in their experience, expertise and cultural expression. Due to COVID, in 2020 KCTC hosted its first online writing cohort, Fragmented and Whole, as well as a summer teach-in series, Talking Back, which featured four Black women scholars and thinkers sharing their work related to identity, politics, culture, and spirituality. Ebony also works for the City of Minneapolis as a Resiliency in Community After Stress and Trauma Program Manager (ReCAST) within the Division of Race and Equity and is a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota in Curriculum and Instruction, with minors in Culture and Teaching and African American and African Studies. She holds a Master of Arts in Global and Contextual Studies from Bethel Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies from North Central University and was a licensed minister from 2012 - 2019. She is the author of Embracing a Holistic Faith: Essays on Biblical Justice and The Gospel According to a Black Woman.